<h3 class=''><a href='http://ancients.mesrs.dz/public/en/blog/one-of-many-unempoyed-civil-engineers'>One of many unempoyed Civil engineers</a></h3> <h5 class=''>Civil engineer</h5>

Graduated in 2018 with a master's degree in civil engineering at the age of 23, After several months I worked at an architectural office as a trainee for 11 months, and kept looking for a job couldn't find anything, then there was covid, so almost 2 years of lockdown, with no job and no income. after things starting going back to normal,  all I could find is a minimum wage ...

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<h3 class=''><a href='http://ancients.mesrs.dz/public/en/blog/amazing-position-at-midocean-university-'>Amazing position at midocean university</a></h3> <h5 class=''>Online lecturer</h5>

A sample of my lectures shared in midocean university

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Top 10 Inspirational Success Stories
<h3 class=''><a href='http://ancients.mesrs.dz/public/en/blog/top-10-inspirational-success-stories'>Top 10 Inspirational Success Stories</a></h3> <h5 class=''>Top 10 Inspirational Success Stories</h5>

       Bill Gates:

  1. Bill Gates: It was very much important for Bill gates to heed the lessons of failure in comparison to celebrating the joy of success. This great entrepreneur who has established Microsoft like the biggest software company is a dropout student from Harvard. Furthermore,...

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